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Quinyx Insights and what they mean for your business

Better workforce management is helping more businesses than ever before perform stronger, work more effectively and be more productive. Yet, what’s ..

Better workforce management is helping more businesses than ever before perform stronger, work more effectively and be more productive.

Yet, what’s clear, is there are still countless more business who can benefit from better workforce management. For many, there’s still a preconception that workforce management is just about having automated schedules when the reality is far different.

A good workforce management solution will combine scheduling, time and attendance, task management, budget and forecasting, and communication. That’s why our amazing team of developers are constantly looking at ways they can improve both the usability and functionality of Quinyx.

One of the fundamental purposes of investing in a workforce management solution is to help improve they way a business is run in order to make it more successful. However, good workforce management extends beyond this. The impact is as far and as wide as enabling a better quality of life for a patient in a care home, improving the work-life balance of a shift worker or the simply bringing a smile to a manager’s face when they can spend more time on the shop floor rather than creating schedules - all because of a workforce management solution.

This is forefront in our minds when we develop our product. One of our latest developments is Quinyx Insights, a module which is able to make accurate predictions and detailed forecasts of future staffing requirements by analysing historical data.

This data would include time punches, absences, scheduled hours, sales and a whole host of other key performance indicators. Through this analysis, Quinyx will then be able to proactively present the user with useful suggestions on how to optimise their workforce based upon different data streams.

Intelligent workforce management

This lays the foundations for future developments built around intelligent software. For example, there will be a point in the future where your workforce management solution will be able to tell you, statistically speaking, there’s a 75% chance someone will call in sick the next day. It will then ask you the question: “Should we add an extra shift to compensate this and do you want to message all available employees with the required skills to ask if they’d like to book the shift?”

This proactivity allows managers and business owners to mitigate the risk of over or under staffing as well as saving costs. This intelligence doesn’t just extend to absences. By integrating with other systems, Quinyx will be able to tell you what the weather is going to be doing and how your scheduling can be optimised to reflect this. Museums tend to be much busier on rainy days while amusement parks will see a spike in visitors when the sun is shining. Managers will be able to respond to this all through the Quinyx app.

Equally, for bars and restaurants near venues, it can be really important to know if there is a sporting event or a music concert being held that week. The software will know this and be able to recommend you adjust your staffing levels accordingly.

This is just one of the exciting developments happening now and in the future for Quinyx and workforce management. If you’d like to find out more about Quinyx Insights or the future developments of workforce management then one of our team would love to help.

We’ll also soon be launching our guide to the Future of Workforce Management so watch this space!


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