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Workforce management apps must-haves

The best WFM apps out there are true game changers for your business, your managers, and your employees. Here's the top 3 things they all have in common.

Let’s start off by saying: “Apps are awesome!” Just think of your favorite apps. Aren’t they fun and simple to use? Don’t they help you do more with less? And don’t they sometimes solve problems you didn’t even know you had?

Whether it’s streaming music, chatting to friends, or even shift workers checking schedules - the best apps save time, are easy to use, and no instruction manual is needed.

WFM apps are no different. They make life easier and more convenient for everyone in a business - while making complex tasks a breeze.

That’s why the best ones out there are true game changers for your business, your managers, and your employees.

But how do they do it, you might wonder? The best workforce management apps have these 3 things in common that really transform your business to a success:

1. They boost business performance

In our 2021 research, we found poor scheduling and inflexibility are causes of underperformance, low engagement, and anxiety among deskless workers. That might not be a big shocker, but did you know that more than a third also said they’d prefer flexibility over higher pay?

The best workforce management apps fix this, and help you give your employees what they want. With a simple swipe your employees can easily switch shifts, allowing them to choose to work when it best suits them. Empty shifts can also be filled instantly - a win-win for both managers and employees.

Want to find out more about flexible scheduling? Read our blog posts “The secret to better and smarter scheduling” or “The benefits of flexible working hours”.

2. They simplify communication & boosts employee engagement

With a WFM app, your employee engagement doesn’t just have lift off, it’s heading into orbit.

Don’t believe us? Just listen to Fredrik Moser, Chief Human Resources Officer at NSP (the largest franchisee of Burger King in Nordic countries):

“Everybody is on their phone, 24/7. So engaging with employees here is a really modern way of keeping in touch with their feelings and wellbeing. It’s a fast and efficient way to connect with them. And because our employees are already using the WFM app to check their schedule or apply for days off, it’s a great thing to be able to push communication and surveys through the same system.”

The best workforce management apps allow you to do this with employee engagement features - such as pulse surveys, recognition and rewards - built into them.

3. They make it easier to  run a successful business

Apps and legacy systems aren’t good friends and their rocky relationship needs a lot of support (which will keep your IT team super busy). That’s why the best workforce management apps are cloud-based. 

This means integrations between other systems are simple and hassle-free, enrollment can be done in minutes, and on-boarding is always smooth sailing. It also opens up cross-region analysis - something that’s simply not possible to do on a local database.

But the simple things matter too. Your employees can, for example, submit vacation requests, and time-punch through the app (which can save thousands of hours every single year).

According to, "Customers are the new market-makers, reshaping industries and changing how businesses compete and win. Success depends on how well and how fast you respond." This translates directly to the way organizations manage their employees and processes. Tune into our next webinar and discover the workforce management trends that are going to light up 2022.

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