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Optimising performance in the workplace is always easier said than done. It requires constant work and there will always be room for improvement. ..

Optimising performance in the workplace is always easier said than done. It requires constant work and there will always be room for improvement.

There are countless factors affecting performance of individuals and of teams. That’s why we’re always looking for ways we can improve performance, whether that’s through better management, improved employee engagement or empowering employees.

If your business has a great culture, your leadership team inspires your staff and you have employees willing to go the extra mile, then you’re in a great place. Our aim is to take you to an even better place.

Leaving optimising your business to one side for the moment, great workforce management has one simple idea at its core; to make life easy for employees. By automating labour intensive tasks, streamlining traditional business processes and doing this all through an intuitive app and software, the best workforce management software is designed to make the complicated tasks simple, to make the difficult tasks easy and to make the painful tasks a pleasure.

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But it does more than this. We know great workforce management software can make people jump for joy. Here are ten reasons why...

1. It saves time

First and foremost, workforce management software saves time for both managers and employees. In fact, most managers say the amount of time it saves them is the equivalent to a day a week. Smart, automated schedules take away the pain of having to create them manually and, what’s more, employees receive their own schedule, and updates to it, as soon as it’s published.


2. It can be used anywhere

So many of our day-to-day functions are now carried out through our phone. From managing our diary, keeping up to speed with our social media, streaming our favourite music, even something as relatively mundane as responding to emails, we do it all through our phones.

That’s why the best workforce management solutions are designed and built with this at the forefront of the mind. They give you the ability to control and run your businesses from your phone while at the same time giving your employees everything they need, and everything that’s relevant to them, on the device they use more than anything else.


3. It gives employees choice

For employees who work shifts, having an element of control over when they can and can’t work is one of the most important factors which influences their engagement. By being easily able to claim shifts and make their availability known, employees are empowered to take control of their work life.


4. It helps managers do what they do best

Many managers become managers because they are great at the job they were doing previously. In retail, this usually means they were fantastic at the front of the store talking to customers and making sales. All of a sudden when they become managers they are burdened with extra administration tasks, which takes them away from what they do best. Quinyx looks after these tasks for them, helping them get back to the work they love.

Store manager at Gudrun Sjödén, Aino Sackemark, saw an immediate impact when she started using workforce management software: “Instead of sitting in my office I’m now on the shop floor,” she said. “It’s has given me my time back. I’m no longer sat in front of a computer getting irritated, I’m doing what I love to do best.”

5. It’s super easy to apply for leave or make vacation requests

Instead of having to fill out endless forms, employees can apply for leave or vacations through an app. And managers can grant these requests through the app as well meaning a process which traditionally involves spreadsheets, paper and admin can be done in a swipe and a click.


6. Updates are always immediate

As an employee working shifts, whether that’s in a bar, a restaurant, a cafe or a hotel, there’s nothing worse than your shifts being changed without your knowledge. With an app there are instant notifications of any changes to the schedule.


7. Switching shifts is simple

Sometimes employees need to switch shifts. This usually involves a series of phone calls and messages, often going around in an endless circle. Not so with workforce management software. Employees simple indicate they want to switch a shift and then anyone who wants to can claim it.


8. It provides an excellent overview for employees...

By knowing in advance when they are working, and with notifications sent straight to their phone, your employees will always have an overview of when they are working. This makes in much easier for them to plan their lives outside of work, something they place great value in.


9. ...and also for managers

Thanks to budgeting and forecasting modules the best solutions have, everything can be done in the same place making it much easier to control costs and optimise performance.


10. Better communication and task management

This is the art of being able to keep track of what is being done, when it’s being done and who is doing. Not only does this benefit the end user, giving them a clear, easy to understand list of the jobs they need to do each shift, it is also invaluable for managers, giving them a complete overview in real-time of what work is being completed. And with it all being in one place, it’s as easy to use as everything else.

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