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Your New Year's Resolutions for Enjoying Work in 2016

People around the world are returning to work after the festive season with 2016 a blank slate stretching out before them. The ‘January Blues’ can ..

People around the world are returning to work after the festive season with 2016 a blank slate stretching out before them.

The ‘January Blues’ can affect us all and, no matter how good our intentions are at the start of the year, it can be easy to slip back into our old habits that we’ve vowed to change. Don’t worry, this is common. Only about 15% of all New Year’s resolutions are kept, largely down to most of us believing they can be achieved by willpower alone when in reality, changing habits requires a commitment and investment of time and energy as well as the will to change.

At Quinyx, we want to help people form positive habits so they’ll be able to enjoy work more. According to a Gallup study, only 13% of people describe themselves as ‘happily engaged at work.’ Furthermore, engaged employees are more motivated, more energised and more productive.

Here’s ten resolutions to help you enjoy work more in 2016:


  1. Be passionate. Have passion for the work you do, love the company you work for, and believe in what you’re trying to achieve. True passion comes from relishing the challenge and craft of your work, sharing this with others and striving to constantly improve your performance.


  1. Be healthy. Being healthy is at the forefront of everyone’s minds in the new year. And, while it’s tough to undergo a complete lifestyle change, it’s easy to find ways to be healthier, and have more energy at work. Drinking more water, taking a proper lunch break where you move away from your desk and exercising more frequently will help your body and mind.


  1. Be honest. Honesty at work involves being honest with yourself and honest with your colleagues. Open and transparent office environments produce the best performing teams. Being honest helps you stay true to yourself which means you can avoid feelings of regret, dissatisfaction and demotivation all of which, when combined, can leave you feeling disengaged from your work and unhappy in your job. Honesty is the cornerstone for positive and effective communication.


  1. Be authentic. Alongside being true to yourself, make it your mission to be authentic and the best version of you in 2016. Being authentic stems from having courage and trusting yourself while being in an environment where it’s ok and accepted for you to do this.


  1. Be helpful. Helping others while at work is full of benefits. Not only does it make your colleagues feel good, it makes you feel good. According to a study from Harvard, employees who help others are more likely to be promoted. The same study also found people who consistently provided social support are the most likely to remain happy during times of high stress.


  1. Be mindful. Better mindfulness is going to be a big feature of 2016. Paying more attention to our thoughts, feelings and the world around us is the central premise of mindfulness and it is unsurprising that increasing numbers of employers are recognising the host of benefits the trend has to offer. Being mindful stems from improving our awareness of ourselves, our colleagues and our environment, then using this awareness to influence positive outcomes.


  1. Be kind. A study carried out in the UK found companionship and recognition are more important than high salaries in promoting employee loyalty. Being kind to colleagues creates a culture where warm, positive and respectful relationships are highly valued. Simple acts of kindness on a regular basis will benefit you and your team.


  1. Be purposeful. We all perform better when we understand our purpose. Know your purpose and how it ties into the wider success of the company. When we have a sense of purpose we are more focussed, creative and resilient. That’s why from an employee's perspective, knowing their purpose is key while employers should constantly reinforce the sense of purpose within their staff.


  1. Be surprising. If you do anything this year make sure you surprise yourself. Step outside your comfort zone. Do something you didn’t ever think you’d do before and go further than you ever dreamed you could. Don’t be frightened of making mistakes and if something doesn’t work, always have the faith to try it again.


  1. Be present. This is something you can start doing right now. We all have busy schedules, long ‘to do’ lists and important work to get done. But don’t lose yourself in it. Remember to be present when you need to be, to listen and to respond with empathy and understanding. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make to the people around you.

Whatever your resolutions are, make sure you find time to enjoy work in 2016. We know we will and we’re looking forward to helping you do the same.

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