Papa John's

Check out how Papa John's reduced their labour cost by 15% in just three months

The Challenge

There were six key issues Papa John’s were faced with when searching for a workforce management solution:

  • Manual or no sales forecasting
  • Manual staff scheduling
  • Ineffective communication across all levels of the business
  • An increasing volume of orders to their stores
  • An increasing number of stores that each franchisee was having to manage
  • An increase demand on KPIs

These challenges were ultimately capping Papa John’s growth, which brought them to the position of needing to find a workforce management solution suitable for their. In the summer of 2016 they ran an 8 week trial of Quinyx across three different stores and the impact was immediate, since then they have begun rolling Quinyx out to all their stores.

Proven Results

  • A 4-5% average reduction in labour costs in each store
  • A much better communication system with less people calling in sick or being late for work
  • A reduction in the time spent on basic admin tasks thanks to a user friendly solution
  • The ability to export hours worked directly to payroll
  • Much more accurate and effective forecasting
  • Better results with service to match sales
  • A dashboard with all their KPIs in one place
  • The ability to make sure the right people were in the right place at the right time to maximise on peak periods of business

Papa John's success story with Quinyx

The international pizza chain, Papa John’s, was founded in the USA back in 1984 and opened its first UK store in 2001.

They now run more than 350 stores around the country.

This rapid growth, a desire to always deliver a top quality service and the need to engage with their employees were the catalyst for Papa John’s to find a workforce management solution that fits their business.

With their ethos that makes people and quality the top priority, there was a natural synergy with Quinyx.

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