Fresh casual dining

Early with Schedule Planning

Vapiano meets the high expectations that customers place on a restaurant, in addition to providing low prices.

Vapiano stands for a future-orientated serving concept - “Fresh casual dining”. Easy self-service where the customer can see their dish prepared before their eyes, combined with a smooth payment system, creates a special fascination for Vapiano. At the restaurants, WiFi and TVs are nowhere to be found. The entire environment is intended and decorated to facilitate interacting and communication between people.


Early with Schedule Planning

Vapiano realised early on that it required a “real” system and not Excel files to easily and effectively be able to plan work shifts for 60-90 employees in a restaurant. A market overview was started with the aim to find a modern web-based system. The choice fell on Quinyx which offered a user-friendly and feature-rich system.

The founder Erik Fjellborg also had experience with schedule planning from McDonald’s and was well acquainted with the restaurant industry’s challenges which meant an added-value in the selection process.

Quinyx schedule planning has meant major time savings with our monthly planning and the system handles illness absences, holidays and exchanges of shifts by staff both easily and efficiently

Mattias Hellström

HR Manager at Vapiano

Schedule Develops Further

When Mattias Hellström, HR Manager at Vapiano, was employed he began a joint venture together with Quinyx. The aim was to develop schedule planning and maximise the benefits of the investment made.

They worked closely together in the project and the system developed a great deal during the project, which benefited both Vapiano and Quinyx.


Quinyx Time and Forecast are Implemented

As the time and forecast modules were implemented after the schedule project was complete, they began to look at how they can further integrate them into Vapiano’s PoS applications. Vapiano had previously used its PoS for time registration and combined with Excel files, loose papers and cumbersome processes, salary payments were eventually made to employees, but were often incorrect.

The new modules have made it easier for both the restaurant staff and for the payroll administrators. This means fewer corrections and correct salaries paid out. Its employees now perceive Vapiano as more professional of an employer. The system also provides “early warnings” and signals if the staff have too little rest between their shifts. It also facilitates compliance with collective agreements.

Via the system they can also obtain information about:

  • Personnel costs per day
  • Absence due to sickness
  • Sales compared with budget

Challenge and solution


  • Schedule planning – Excel is cumbersome and time consuming for a restaurant of 60-90 employees
  • Time reporting – The use of the PoS as well as Excel is time consuming and no support for ensuring CBA regulations. Deviations in payroll data
  • Forecasting – Difficult and slow to obtain reliable forecast data



  • Quinyx Schedule– Web and app-based schedule management
  • Quinyx Time – Web-based time & attendance
  • Quinyx Forecast – Web-based and reliable forecasting




  • Great time savings
  • Modern app for the staff

Time & Attendance

  • Easy time reporting
  • Increased quality
  • Early warning CBA deviations


  • Quick and reliable forecasting


Responsive and Proactive

In all contact with Quinyx’s staff, Vapiano experiences great deal of sensitivity, helpfulness, dedication and a willingness to quickly resolve problems and challenges that arise. “Quinyx is a professional and honest IT provider and their staff always do their best so that we as a customer are able to develop and be happy”, says the HR-Manager at Vapiano.


Looking to the Future

Vapiano has begun to evaluate the Task Management module which has full HACCP support, as they see the benefit of having all the features in one system. As requirements within food safety increase, this module can facilitate their work.


In Summary

Vapiano has never been afraid to quickly introduce new modules and features that streamline operations. With Quinyx WFM, they now have a modern and easy-to-use system that has also resulted in major time and cost savings.

Restaurant staff have received a mobile app which has made it easier and more efficient to swap shifts with colleagues, as well as indicating the times they can work. As a bonus, Vapiano has also gained a modern and efficient system for communicating with their staff.


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