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Plug-in AI solutions to take your existing WFM tool to new heights

We are excited to introduce our new plug-in AI Optimization solutions. A custom integration that easily connects with your existing WFM system.

We are excited to introduce our new plug-in AI Optimization solutions. A custom integration that easily connects with your existing WFM system. Whether you use, Deputy, UKG or any other system, there is no need for you to switch tools. You can keep using the system you know and we make sure that AI is automatically embedded in your workflows. With our new AI Optimization solutions you remove all guesswork from the process making long and short term schedules.

Challenges with current WFM software

In January 2021, Quinyx polled 300 global operation executives to find out their biggest challenge in scheduling a deskless workforce. Some key takeaways:

  • 30% of the companies said they faced too many scheduling variables for their current WFM software to handle.

  • Companies without AI-driven Optimization solutions workforce management lost up to 15% revenue and overspent up to 25% on salary costs.

  • Most schedules have an average of 3 to 8 labor law violations per week, resulting in thousands of dollars in fines.

For companies with similar challenges, we are now able to partner up with their WFM systems so we can make sure you don’t have to deal with this anymore. So, how can we help you solve your scheduling challenges? Let us introduce our plug-in AI Optimization solutions.

AI solutions for your scheduling challenges

Strategic Planning - Meet your goals

With this solution, you can confidently meet your long term goals. No more long days spent to create next quarter’s labor budgets or last minute recruitment requests. Simply create future what-if scenarios, define the gap between your current and required employee pool, and budget and recruit your labor efficiently. Preparing months ahead has never been easier. Learn more about it here.

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Demand Forecasting - See your customers coming

Greater visibility on how many of your customers or visitors will stop by and when. Get 15 minute forecasts for different locations and departments, log the impact of events and holidays on demand and know exactly who you need where and when to meet demand. Learn more about it here.

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Labor Optimization - Create perfect schedules

Auto-scheduling but truly automatic. Our labor optimization solution is a game changer and puts you in full control without the human effort. Minimize under and overstaffing in minutes and see the impact directly on your bottom-line. Automatically comply with labor laws and adhere to as many employee preferences as possible. If you thought perfect schedules that everyone loves don’t exist, they do now. Learn more about it here.

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How it works

With a custom connector you decide which of our AI Optimization solutions you would like to switch on. We connect with almost any WFM solutions. Learn more about it here.NL AI optimisation

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