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Coor gains improved operations and easier compliance with Quinyx

By using Quinyx Workforce Management solution, Coor has been able to streamline its operations, boost its efficiency, and make things easier for both its managers and frontline workers.
Facility Management


Coor is a leading provider of facility management services in the Nordics that strives to create the happiest, healthiest, and most successful workplace environments for its 12,000 employees. The company provides such resources as cleaning, receptionist services, property management, security guards, and so on.

- We basically help other companies to make sure that their buildings and their offices run smoothly, says Gustaf Rössner, Head of HR Digitalization at Coor.

Coor serves a wide range of clients, both large and small, as well as public-sector organizations throughout the Nordic region. Their customers include prominent names like IKEA, PostNord, Swedbank, the Danish Building and Property Agency, ICA, Skanska, Telia Company, and Volvo Cars.

The adoption of Quinyx’s cutting-edge workforce management platform has been a great advantage to Coor’s daily operations. For managers, it has helped automate and optimize tasks like workforce scheduling, communication with employees, and navigating the intricacies of compliance legislation. It has also provided more accurate insights with real-time data on staffing, cost management, and productivity. For frontline employees, Quinyx’s cloud-based service, together with the intuitive mobile application, has simplified things and empowered people with better control of their own scheduling and convenient access to a direct line of communication within the company.

Ensuring compliance

According to Malin Löjdkvist, Human Resources Specialist at Coor, the company has begun working with Quinyx’s compliance checker tool in one of its latest projects. As a multinational company, the tool is instrumental in helping management reconcile workforce scheduling with the various regulatory nuances between different regions.

- We thought it would be a good way to be more compliant, but also more sustainable in the long run. And for now, I think we’ll start looking at the compliance checker to find where we need to maybe support our managers more or where we have to put in some more education about the system or scheduling, Löjdkvist explains.

The compliance checker mitigates the risk of inadvertent non-compliance. Furthermore, it promotes sustainability via securing the whole organization’s consistent adherence to pertinent labor practices and improving long-term operational efficiency. This helps maintain Coor’s impeccable standing as a responsible operator in facility management.

Wide-ranging improvement


Quinyx is a comprehensive solution whose benefits extend to the entire company, from executives to janitors and other frontline staff. The workforce gains access to such features as real-time shift management, strengthened communication between people at various levels of the company, and rewarding feedback on personal performance. All of these features together are apt to improve employee engagement and retention while elevating job satisfaction overall. Meanwhile, workers are not excluded by unnecessarily complicated software, as the mobile application acts as an easy portal into all the relevant functionality on the platform.

- For our frontline workers, seeing their schedules on their phones and getting a notification if their manager approves their vacation application, has been a big win. It’s become much easier for them to have an overview of their work day and work weeks, Löjdkvist notes as she relates some of the positive feedback from the frontline staff at Coor.

Altogether, Quinyx has enhanced the company’s workforce management by streamlining coordination, bolstering compliance, boosting employee engagement, and amplifying effective communication throughout the organization.

“For us at the HQ, and especially for us in the HR department, Quinyx is helping us to get a good overview of our organization and all of our business. We can easily support and help our managers with scheduling since we can see who needs that in the system. We have an overview and can see all of our schedules for all of our employees, in a good and easy way.”

Malin Löjdkvist

Human Resources Specialist

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