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Shift Planning

Stay within budget, control compliance, and accommodate employee preferences in minutes. Want to build schedules that balance the needs of your business and your workforce? You’re in the right place with Quinyx.
Scheduling is made as easy as 1,2,3 with one, singular place to create and share schedules, manage compliance, budgets and improve employee experience.

Create and share schedules in minutes

Easily configure your business needs, set up budgets and agreements for less time scheduling and more time on the work floor. 

  • Establish scheduling best practices and capture it with templates.

  • Roll out schedules in no time! Fully manual, semi-manual or even automated!

Keep control over all parts of the schedule

We’ll be honest. Full compliance is unrealistic, but we can empower you to avoid the big fines and control the things that matter.

  • Stay within budget by calculating costs when shifts change.

  • Receive compliance warnings when the pre-configured setup is about to be violated.

  • Schedule shifts against demand forecasts to make sure you always have the right amount of coverage.

Shift management

Increase employee retention with flexible schedules

Retain employees by giving them autonomy to manage their own schedule with our shift management capabilities.

  • Publish schedules in the mobile app for employees to see.

  • Get notified about schedule changes within the app, via email and push notifications.

  • Enable shift swapping to ensure shift coverage at all times.

  • Respect work/life balance by letting employees submit their own availability.

  • Get an overview of all available employees and easily assign them to a shift.

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