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Digital support for the German city Schwerin in the fight against Covid-19

July 2021 - In the course of the vaccination campaign in the city of Schwerin in January 2021, the group of companies SIS and KSM relied on Quinyx.
by Linnea Lindgren
Hamburg/Schwerin - July 22, 2021 - Nowadays, it's clear that digital processes are crucial in many areas of cities. They are the backbone of modern administrations, from public contractors to schools. However, successful digitization requires a concept-driven strategy. The German Kommunalservice Mecklenburg AöR (KSM) is developing precisely this kind of strategy. In cooperation with Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft mbH (SIS), KSM provides solutions combining IT know-how with many years of experience.

In January 2021, when the time came to start the vaccination campaign in Schwerin, Germany, SIS and KSM teamed up with an additional partner - Quinyx - for the planning, organization, and payroll of the local volunteers, who joined the vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams.

The priority was to get away from online spreadsheets and numerous administrators on the phone in order to manage a roster for a large, variable pool of employees. SIS and KSM started implementing these requirements with Quinyx, a leading workforce management software provider.

The possibility to administrate an unlimited number of users, the option to modify permissions for users, and, in particular, the customizable working time guidelines are the main advantages of the software in this case. In addition, Quinyx can be easily managed via browser or mobile app.

Quinyx also fulfilled one of the most critical requirements of the SIS/KSM concept: the Quinyx app enables users to book their shifts via self-service and within the scope of their qualifications that are stored in the system. This setup allowed the administration in the vaccination centers to be kept to a minimum and reduced the risk of errors in the shift-booking process. Due to the wide range of possibilities offered by the Quinyx app, no additional programming was required. Thanks to the fast response time of Quinyx, the vaccination teams were able to use the Quinyx app already within two weeks.

When the shift scheduling tools for this campaign were launched, more than 400 applicants across different departments in Schwerin had already been automatically registered in the system. The digital management of a large number of shifts still ensures that the vaccination campaign continues to run smoothly.

The Quinyx app is now used by over 1,500 campaign volunteers beyond the city of Schwerin, across almost all districts of German State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


"Due to the highly versatile Quinyx app software, and the company's support when implementing the concept that we created for this campaign, the solution offers not only scheduling but also the ability to communicate with all participants directly through the app. It significantly reduces the workload for our sponsors and customers when planning staff in the vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams. At the same time, we have ensured a complete digital value chain and, consequently, cost-effectiveness. From the automated import of users, for example, using their data from OpenR@thaus/OpenKreishaus, to the automatic output file for payroll preparation, everything functions seamlessly. These are all advantages that we are confident will benefit our sponsors and customers." says Matthias Effenberger, Managing Director / Board Member of KSM.


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Quinyx is a leading AI-powered workforce management software that makes the complex tasks of scheduling, time reporting, communicating, budgeting, and forecasting deskless workers simple. Quinyx helps companies around the world reduce labor costs, remain compliant, and improve workforce efficiency - all the while boosting their bottom line, employee satisfaction, and retention. Quinyx provides solutions that save time and money to some of the world’s biggest companies like McDonald’s, Sysco, Hilton, Virgin Atlantic, DHL, Maersk.

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