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The Workforce Management platform built to handle Black Friday!

From employee-centric schedules built by AI to employee chat forums, Quinx enables you to optimize, manage, and engage your frontline in a single platform.


Reduce your labor costs with our AI-generated forecasts

  • Reduce payroll costs
    Have the right team on the job by making effective staffing decisions.

  • More coverage, same team
    Reduce overstaffing by meeting your demand with the right team while you restock your store.

  • Hyperlocal forecasting
    Quinyx helps you forecast demand for each individual store. Even when you have multiple brands.

Quinyx- Create and share schedules

Leading Retailers grow with Quinyx

More time to manage

  • Customer experience
    Ensure a great store experience with the right staffing level at the right time, every time.

  • Employee-centric schedules
    Increase employee happiness by adhering to preferences, skills, and contract hours.

  • Peace of mind, guaranteed
    Always comply with local labor laws, union laws, and other relevant rules that you define.

Quinyx - Labor Optimization

Workforce Management Leader in G2's Fall Report

89% overall satisfaction, 85% ease of use, 85% ease of doing business, with 85% likelihood to recommend!

We are the only player tackling the messy tech environment with our all-in-one platform.

Based on 355+ verified reviews 

G2 Grid - Quinyx leader

Improved frontline engagement

  • One single app
    Allow employees to check their schedules and tasks, set availability, swap shifts, get store updates and request leave with a few simple clicks.

  • Rewards & recognition
    Make your staff feel heard, appreciated and valued with surveys and badges.

  • Frontline Portal
    Give your employees the tools to deliver great work, provide feedback in real-time and to stay on top of the things that drive your bottom line.

Engage your frontline - Frontline Portal

Transforming the workday with Rituals

Rituals use Quinyx to create employee-centric schedules and drive more sales.
  • Rituals is now able to translate sales targets into the most efficient shifts per store.

  • Management is now able to get real-time insights into productivity and personnel costs on a store level.

  • Shop managers can see on an hourly level the local footfall trends of their store.


Discover the perfect fit with Quinyx

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