Quinyx Neo is now available for your organisation!

Based on the same powerful core that you already rely on, our new manager interface offers a faster and more user-friendly environment as well as new features.


How to get started?

Switching to Quinyx Neo is simple and doesn’t require reimplementation or complex configuration. The data that you're using today is already waiting for you, and while managers will enjoy Neo's new features, your workforce will not notice any difference since our top-ranked mobile app remains the same!

Step 1: Contact your superuser now!

Contact your superuser and discuss what you will need to do when you get access to Neo by mid-March. Your superuser may need to perform some minor configuration before you login.


Step 2: Explore new Quinyx

Explore the new interface and discover features, and learn how to use new Quinyx. Start by viewing our video tutorials on Helpdocs and attending a webinar.

Please note that any work that you do in Neo is live and colleagues will be informed about the changes you make.

What's new?

Quinyx Neo is the new and improved version of the Quinyx manager web interface, with a new design, improved scheduling, and a better user experience.




Improved scheduling

Work with base schedules, our new take on fixed schedules and schedule templates, which provide a much faster way of creating and managing recurring shifts.

Better user experience

The functionality that you depend on is still there, but is easier to reach thanks to a simplified user experience throughout the application. 

Flexible working

Quinyx Neo works on all devices, such as your computer, tablet and mobile, making your working processes more flexible.

New features

In addition to a list of new features which help you get work done faster, Neo allows you to unlock our new modules such as Pulse and Recognition, as well as more advanced forecasting.

Better structure

Improved role management, access rights and organisational structure gives you improved flexibility, a better overview and simplified work processes.

Trendsetting WFM

Quinyx Neo's enhanced capabilities and future planned development ensure that you always have the latest Workforce Management tools needed to achieve your targets.

Why switch to Quinyx Neo?

Quinyx Neo offers new and amazing benefits.

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User friendly design
User friendly
Use on all devices
Use on all devices
No extra costs

Get started today!

Adobe Flash, which Classic relies on, will be discontinued by the end of 2020. Switching to Neo now will put you one step ahead and help you avoid an upcoming headache!

Do you want to know more?

Get a complete overview including training sessions, settings and FAQ here.


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