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Workforce Management for Vaccination and Test Centers

March 2021 - From automatic scheduling for COVID-19 testing centers to Time and Attendance Management for pharmacy-led vaccination units, Quinyx Workforce Management, and Optimization solutions can help you organize your teams to fight against Covid.
by Aurelie Honeysett

March 2021 - All over the world, the battle against the pandemic is seeing governments, public sector organizations and private healthcare providers rally and ramp up testing and vaccination centers. Such initiatives require a tremendous amount of logistics and workforce management to meet tight deadlines, in which technology  plays a crucial role.

Quinyx are proud to be able to help some of these incredible initiatives. From testing facilities in need of optimized, automatic staff scheduling for their increased workforce, to pharmacy-led vaccination centers organizing an army of temporary workers, Quinyx allows a smooth deployment, facilitating the incredible work undertaken.

Companies needing a solution to assist them with the scheduling of their teams, whether they operate from a single site or across multiple locations, are urged to get in touch, as Quinyx can be deployed and rolled out quickly. Our cloud-native, mobile-first solutions can benefit vaccination and testing centres, by alleviating the burden around staff scheduling and compliance, by ensuring that the right people are in the right place, at the right time.

Here are some examples of how Quinyx is already helping COVID-19 facilities at present:
  • A large COVID-19 testing Laboratory in Sweden is using Quinyx as their new workforce management solution: To facilitate their employee scheduling, they turned to Quinyx and its smart tools for scheduling, automatic AI staffing and time reporting. They will use both the Quinyx desktop solution and mobile app.

  • In Germany, Quinyx helps in the fight against COVID-19 by providing its solution to a northern-eastern city. The vaccination team members, can use Quinyx to organize their shifts.

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