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Global Survey Reveals the State of the Deskless Workforce

June 4th, 2020: Deskless workers represent 2.7 billion of the global workforce. Critical to the day-to day functions of our global society, they are ..
by Aurelie Honeysett

June 4th, 2020: Deskless workers represent 2.7 billion of the global workforce. Critical to the day-to day functions of our global society, they are the healthcare professionals keeping  us healthy, the retail workers restocking our supermarkets’ shelves, the hospitality, transport or warehousing employees.

Quinyx has polled 12,000 of these deskless workers in eight different countries, to produce a new annual report: The State of the Deskless Workforce,  that focuses on their working conditions and wellbeing. The survey was conducted pre- and during COVID-19, to gather insights on how the pandemic affected their situation.

Key findings show that, globally, around 80% of the deskless workers worldwide are contacted by their employer out of hours, with a majority also missing out on personal time or family events due to their work schedule.

Flexibility is also a concern for these workers, with an average of 25% saying that they would chose greater flexibility over a higher salary.

Half of the polled deskless workers go to work while sick, mainly due to financial concerns and a lack of sick pay. These numbers vary greatly across countries, though: 74% in the US, 70% in the UK.


Visit our State of the Deskless Workforce Hub to access the full reports by country, and find out about the impact of COVID-19 on the work-life balance and wellbeing of the deskless workers.

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Quinyx is a cloud-based, mobile-first workforce management software that fuels growth for people and businesses in service industries. Quinyx was founded by CEO Erik Fjellborg when working at McDonald’s as a student. After seeing how difficult it was for managers to sort shifts manually, Erik created Quinyx, the market-leading workforce management software, which transformed and radically improved the industry. McDonald’s loved Erik’s solution and became Quinyx’s first customer.

Today, Quinyx helps some of the world’s biggest businesses save time and money, boost productivity and enjoy work. Quinyx has offices in the UK, Sweden, U.S, Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. 

Its software has also been implemented globally, in markets and regions such as Europe, North America, China, Japan and Korea. 

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Between March and May 2020, we polled 12,000 people, identifying themselves as a deskless worker, working in industries as retail, hotel and food services, healthcare, transportation and logistics across 8 countries (USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands). With businesses now managing four or more generations in the workplace, we analyzed how results differed between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. 


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