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LONDON – The UK government relaxed competition rules allowing businesses to share their workforce with other organisations, so Quinyx came up with a ..
by Aurelie Honeysett

LONDON – The UK government relaxed competition rules allowing businesses to share their workforce with other organisations, so Quinyx came up with a solution enabling them to pool their resources.

A solution for UK businesses to team up and share their workforce.

What are the benefits of the Quinyx Pooling Resources solution?

For employers, this solution will solve the current issue of workers being under or over utilised, lead to business efficiency, improve flexible and trained workforce availability, and ultimately result in increased sales. This will particularly appeal to non-essential businesses, as it will enable their teams to work for essential businesses needing additional resources.

For workers, gaining access to additional work outside of their current contract means additional hours and pay, as well as a transfer of learnt skills. This will be particularly relevant to the millions of workers in sectors such as retail, hospitality, logistics and manufacturing who are currently at home because their place of work is temporarily closed. A number of whom are on Zero-hours contracts, meaning that they aren’t necessarily entitled to government initiatives such as the furlough scheme.

Finally, for customers, this solution will ensure better access to stock, less time spent in stores and reduced interaction outside of isolation. As a result, businesses will be able to deliver better customer service and a more positive experience overall.

A simple, secure and quick process, with no technical implementation required.

The Quinyx Pooling Resources solution will enable businesses to share part or all of their workforce with other organisations in need of more staff quickly and efficiently. With no development or customisation needed, the Quinyx WFM platform can be set up without lengthy implementation or complex systems integrations.

The configuration sharing rules, security and regulatory requirements will be agreed between the participating parties, to ensure full compliance, including GDPR and confidentiality.

Which businesses can use the Quinyx Pooling Resources platform?

This solution will appeal to any businesses, both essential and non-essential, needing flexibility during the lockdown:

  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Convenience stores
  • Public sector
  • Construction
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants offering takeaway
  • Delivery drivers
  • Off-licence
  • Cycle retailer
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Fashion
  • Luxury
  • Homeware
  • DIY
  • Any other labour-intensive organisation

As trade resumes, this will become even more applicable too, as some businesses such as high street retail, hotels, restaurants and pubs may experience staff shortages..

The Quinyx Pooling Resources initiative could help thousands of businesses and millions of workers who are struggling during the novel Coronavirus crisis, but also, in the long term, lead to a better, happier, more efficient way of working together. A truly flexible workforce means a fully efficient business.


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About Quinyx

Quinyx is a cloud-based, mobile-first workforce management software that fuels the workforce in service industries to make people and businesses grow. Quinyx was founded by CEO Erik Fjellborg when working at McDonald’s. After seeing how difficult it was for managers to sort shifts manually, Erik created Quinyx, the market-leading workforce management software, which transformed and radically improved the industry. McDonald’s loved Erik’s solution and became Quinyx’s first customer.

Today, Quinyx helps some of the world’s biggest businesses save time and money, boost productivity and enjoy work. Quinyx has offices in the U.K., Sweden, U.S., Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Its software has also been implemented globally, in markets such as China, Japan and Korea. Clients include Burger King, Swarovski, IHG, Kal Tire, Boots, Virgin Atlantic, London City Airport, Benugo and Odeon Cinemas Group. For more information, visit


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