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Wello Selects Quinyx as WFM provider

Boston, September 1st 2020 -Quinyx is pleased to announce Wello as a new customer, a provider of flexible and convenient virtual medical care via ..
by Laurie Pace

Boston, September 1st 2020 -Quinyx is pleased to announce Wello as a new customer, a provider of flexible and convenient virtual medical care via video or phone visits with a team of health professionals and 24/7 support for modern businesses and their employees.

Following the company's significant internal growth to meet new demand for health and wellness benefits, Wello subsequently identified a need to refresh its internal workforce management system to provide necessary support to its diverse base of medical professionals and advisors amid expansion. Wello selected Quinyx to more efficiently onboard new workers and support staff scheduling and time tracking as business activity accelerates.

Quinyx's software will be rolled out to Wello's rapidly growing workforce and allow significant reductions in administrative time by leveraging Quinyx's forecasting capabilities and increasing communication and engagement with their employees. The software will also streamline and optimize Wello's scheduling process - formerly powered by a combination of their electronic medical record system and Excel - through one simplified, efficient and intuitive tool. 

Speaking about the new partnership, Sam Roworth, Project Manager, Operations and Special Projects at Wello commented: "As a business at the forefront of innovation in healthcare, we've grown rapidly to support a surge in demand for virtual medical care. Managing a workforce that is growing at a rapid pace has presented us with a complex set of new scheduling, onboarding and management needs. Quinyx has been the ideal partner to support our expansion and help us ensure the safety and happiness of our staff along the way. With Quinyx's intuitive workforce management software, we'll be able to offer the schedule flexibility our employees deserve, as well as the data insights we need to manage our teams effectively."

Quinyx’s CEO and Founder Erik Fjellborg added, "We are thrilled to partner with a company that is serving such an important need in today's world. Wello's investment shows they not only care about the wellness of their patients, but their employees as well. We look forward to providing Wello with the technology it needs to foster and maintain employee wellbeing and happiness while they continue to grow."

Wello will use Quinyx's core modules of Schedule & Staffing (flexible staff scheduling), Communication & Engagement (recognize, reward and engage staff) and Advanced Forecast & Optimization (data-driven, real time forecasting). 

About Wello

Wello is a leading provider of anytime, anywhere virtual healthcare services, available through phone and video visits. Backed by more than 40 years of providing high quality healthcare through its parent company, INLIV, Wello can be offered as part of a company’s health benefits for its employees. With a focus on the future of healthcare delivery, Wello's advantage is rooted in care and a commitment to creating better health outcomes. Providing direct access to empathetic and caring clinicians who diagnose and treat to allow for fast, efficient medical support when employees are in need.

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