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Workforce Management Tips to Prepare for Staff Shortages

Retail Times, a leading news and intelligence provider for retailers and business professionals, published an article including Quinyx' CEO's top ..
by Laurie Pace

Retail Times, a leading news and intelligence provider for retailers and business professionals, published an article including Quinyx' CEO's top tips to prepare for staff shortages this summer.  

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With the summer holidays in sight, employers might be looking to the near future with trepidation. It’s understandable; the summer is often the least predictable time of year. Staff start to head off to sunnier climates, and industries like retail and hospitality experience inflated crowds thanks to last-minute sales or warmer weather in pub gardens.

But whether they’re facing a challenge or a new opportunity, it’s crucial for UK businesses to remember that to continue driving up revenue during these times, they need to bolster staff to ensure that demand is met.

So as school officially lets out for summer this week, Erik Fjellborg, CEO and Founder of Quinyx, the market leader in Workforce Management solutions, has shared some tips to ensure businesses are making the best out of the change in season

Get to know your staff

“The UK is lucky enough to have a multi-generational workforce that runs from Gen Z and millennials right through to returners and older workers. This means that everyone has a different priority. Some might see summer holidays as the most expensive – and exclusive – time to go away, while for others, it’s the only time to get away with kids. So, don’t hide behind workforce management tech: get to know your workforce and you’ll know when they’re likely to be out of action.”

Be flexible, it’ll pay off in the long run

“The thought of flexibility might be challenging when you’re facing staff shortages but giving staff some leeway will prove beneficial in the long term. Employees who are given the flexibility to choose their own schedule will be happier and want to stick around – even over those busier and more difficult periods.”

Take a chance on students

“The great news is that a different season brings with it a different workforce. Over 1.8 million Brits study at universities across the UK. With tuition fees and the cost of living on the up, hundreds of thousands of these students will be returning home for the long break and looking for a way to make some quick cash. Students may not have the experience or skills on paper, but they’re willing to learn – and giving them a job over the summer months allows employers to trial them in preparation for another busy time at Christmas.”

Reward staff who are in for the long haul

“It’s the little things in life that count – and that applies to working life too. Although some of your workforce might not have planned any time off over the summer, it’s crucial to remember that we all deserve a break. Whether it’s an extra hour to spend with the kids, having the TV on to catch the first day of the new football season, or having a Friday afternoon drink, those little perks will go a long way to retaining your workforce.”

Quinyx’s Erik Fjellborg concluded: “The summer holidays can certainly prove a challenge for many employers, but it can also provide businesses with a number of opportunities. While some industries can look forward to increased revenue, others can make strategic use of a quieter period or even take a breath of fresh air with an engaged student workforce. Either way, what’s most important is that businesses have a flexible workforce plan and the agility to mobilise different staff and alternative tactics.”

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